hair colorants



Bond Re-Plex - a paraben-free

amino acid. Protects the micro

and macro bonds inside hair fiber, keratin chains and cuticles. Promotes hair fiber reconstruction. Reduces hair breakage and significantly improves hair strength and shine. Formulated to mimic the hair’s cell membrane complex, gives much better color retention, repairs hair damage, moisturizes hair.

Bond Re-Plex Treatment Set


The new innovative Bond Re-Plex technology in three steps is a complex of amino acids and silk proteins, which are designed to give your hair extra strength

and protection. The Bond Re-Plex system protects the micro and macro bonds in the hair structure, which become particularly vulnerable during dyeing and styling processes, leading to dry and brittle hair.

Metallic Touch


Who says grey is dull? Make grey your new style! With the new permanent hair colour Metallic Shine you can feel the silver power in your hair! It is what hair

majesty deserves!

4 Shades of Grey: Silver Blonde, Graphite Grey, Stone Grey, Metallic Black

Olea Color


The new RUB.LIA Olea COLOR is a long lasting hair colourant enriched with a complex of different oils. Easy to apply with its creamy formula that contains a combination of three oils which contribute to the optimal outcome in coloring, specifically a saturated color, more shine and silky hair.

8 Colors: Black, Copper Brown, Chocolate, Light Chestnut, Mahogany, Dark Blonde, Ash Blonde, Natural blonde

Simply Pastel


Bring fun and joy in your life with Simply Pastel – a simple and quick at-home solution! A carefully selected range of subtle pastel tones which fade gradually as you wash your hair.

8 Colors: Apricot Blush, Pink Flush, Liliac Haze, Blue Mist, Silver Cloud, Forst Dew, Aqua Splash, Crushed Strawberry

Simply Bright


Specially developed range of vibrant fashion hair colours. Intense color pigments that give rich and long-lasting color. Permanent hair colour.

11 Colors: Ultimate Blonde, Atomic Orange, Mystic Black, Cool Silver, Pink Kiss, Red Alert, Platinum Queen, Secret Scarlet, Iced Carmel, Absolute Cocoa, Electric Blue

Simply Festive


Bring fun to your hair with Simply Festival – a simple, at home, washout hair color range.

Carefully selected exciting, vibrant colors allowing you to create effortless stand out looks.

Easy to apply with a brush or gloved hands straight from the tube!

8 Colors: Silver Ice, Sunset Yellow, Green Envy, Blue Mist, Atomic Orange, Candy Red, Pink Kiss, Purple Passion. 

Color Corrector


Ammonia free and bleach free hair colour remover. Removes permanent hair colour up to

several tones.

2 Colors: Extra for mid to dark tones, Regular for light hair. 

Simply Bleach


Using the mousse-pump, the color is transformed into foam thus ensuring efficient and easy coloring of hair from root to tip. Applying Easy Color Mousse you achieve the desired color as with conventional hair dyes, while keeping your hair bright, healthy and natural looking.

8 Colors: Dark Night Black, Chocolate Brown, Hazelnut Brown, Medium Gold Blonde, Beach Blonde, Baby Blonde, Mahogany Red, Ruby Red. 

Brass Remover


Brassiness can appear after lightening your color, making highlights or staying in the sun for too long. The Brass Remover instantly tones down brassy yellow, gold, red, and orange tones in your hair. Ammonia

free and can be used on permanent hair colourants.

Reduces brassy tones and gives hair extra shine.

Easy Color Mousse


Bring fun and joy in your life with Simply Pastel – a simple and quick at-home solution! A carefully selected range of subtle pastel tones which fade gradually as you wash your hair.

8 Colors: Apricot Blush, Pink Flush, Liliac Haze, Blue Mist, Silver Cloud, Forst Dew, Aqua Splash, Crushed Strawberry

High Gloss


High Gloss Shimmering effect is no-ammonia hair colourant that gives your hair luminous and glossy natural looking color. Its gentle formula is enriched with Rice Protein and Olive Oil that give vivid and shiny color while blend away grey.

8 Colors: Ebony Black, Shiny Dark Brown, Chocolate Brown, Natural Blonde, Ash Beige Blonde, Light Iridescent Blonde, Shimmering Mahogany, Dark Terracotta

Fashion Color


Intensifies the optical effect of hair color as it makes it deeper and shinier. Main accent in the composition of natural ingredients is rice protein, which helps retain more color pigments into the hair. The result is shinier and brighter color on a vital and dense hair. 

15 Colors: Soft Black, Blue Black, Dark Brown, Chestnut, Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Medium Blonde, Extra Light Blonde, Medium Ash Blonde, Extra Light Ash Blonde, Champagne Blonde, Dark Mahogany Brown, Deep Mahogany, Ruby Red, Intensive Ruby Red, Lightening Cream

Perfect Roots


The new hair color cream of RUBELLA PERFECT ROOTS is specially designed to target new root regrowth and restore the flawless color in between colorings. Perfectly covers gray hair. PERFECT ROOTS hair color cream comes in 5 shades, which are suitable for roots that are a shade lighter or darker than your colored hair.

5 Colors: Soft Black, Chestnut, Dark Blonde, Medium Ash Blonde, Deep Mahogany Brown.

Rubella Holiday


Rubella Holiday is a permanent hair colour cream. It guarantees even, deep and long-lasting color and ensures perfect grey coverage. The color cream has extremely mild action. Its formula is a special combination of emulsifiers and emollients, enriched with Vitamin C, intended for preserving the natural elasticity, density and strength of the hair.

10 Colors: Soft Black, Blue Black, Chestnut, Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Medium Blonde, Medium Ash Blonde, Champagne Blonde, Ruby Red, Aubergine. 

Color Sensation


Rubella Color Sensation is a permanent hair color cream, which gives to your hair rich intensive color and ensures perfect grey hair coverage.

18 Colors: Black, Blue Black, Dark Brown, Chestnut, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Blonde, Extra Light Blonde, Ash Blonde, Extra Light Ash Blonde, Copper Golden Brown, Medium Copper Golden Brown, Deep Mahogany, Light Mahogany, Aubergine, Morello Red, Ruby Red, Intensive Ruby Red. 

Fashion Ombre


RUBELIA Fashion OMBRE. is the new fashion way to create highlights by gradually lightening your hair tips. With the help of a special brush it is easy to apply the product even at home.

3 Colors: Light Brown to Dark Brown, Dark Blonde to Medium Brown Hair, Blonde to Dark Blonde hair

Natural Hair Colorants


Bio Vital 100% Natural Hair Colour is for people who want to avoid dyeing their hair with synthetic hair colourants. Bio Vital is 100% organic and does not contain any parabens, preservatives or any other kinds of chemicals, including ammonia, peroxide, paraphenylenediamine (PPD) and other ingredients usually found in chemical hair colourants.

8 Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Light Blonde, Henna, Pink Red, Purple Blue